Getting Married

Wedding ceremony on Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay

1. Contact me

Contact me to find out if I am available for your wedding date. I will reply with details about my services and provide you with a quote for getting married.

Read some of the testimonials from couples I've recently married or watch wedding footage of me conducting ceremonies. Find out more about elopements and other more intimate options, if these are of interest.

2. First meeting

We meet (either in person or over Skype) and I’ll gather information in order to tailor the ceremony exactly to your requirements. I’ll guide you through legal requirements.

3. Resources for your ceremony

I provide you with resources including suggestions for your ceremony, a huge range of vows and tools to write your own if you choose, a diverse selection of readings and ceremony music playlist inspiration. I'll even help you with a selection of the best local suppliers.

4. Draft ceremony

Your wedding is the one-off opportunity to create an unforgettable ceremony and I’m going to create something you both love. I will take the effort out by presenting you a fully scripted draft of your ceremony. I'll personally write a ceremony that is utterly you. You may review/amend or request unlimited alterations to the draft, before it is finalised prior to rehearsal. Timing is included and I'll provide my professional guidance if I think things might be logistically done better, and ensure your ceremony is legally valid.

5. Vows

I will have already supplied you with vow ideas and advice, this is the bit where we get them just right and offer feedback on your vows.

6. Rehearsal

We go to your wedding location and rehearse! I’ll be in touch months prior, to work out a time that suits us both (and your venue) to schedule your rehearsal. A ceremony with a rehearsal versus one without is markedly different and I don't rehearse 80% of the ceremony so it won't take away from your actual day – simply make you more at ease. A few changes may be made to the ceremony and vows. We will go through your entrance, the ring exchange, the kiss and recessional.

7. Wedding-time!

I will arrive at least 30 minutes early, in order to sound check, greet guests and cast a girl's eye over everything; the groomsmen's buttonholes, layout and so on. I'll introduce myself to anyone doing a reading and set them at ease. I'll speak with musicians or coordinators about music cues. I'll make sure the rings are there and greet your guests. I respect and work closely with your videographer(s) and photographer(s) to ensure that they can capture your day to the best of their ability.  I greet guests, seat your VIP guests and troubleshoot any issues before the bride arrives.

As the ceremony begins, it is my role to smoothly guide you both through the ceremony, the signing of certificates, and finally present you to your family and friends as newlyweds. You don't need to invite me to stay. I leave about 10 minutes after your ceremony concludes.

8. Post-wedding

I’m still here! Behind the scenes I’ll lodge your marriage with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (NSW weddings) or explain the next steps (other states or overseas) for obtaining your official marriage certificate.